Red Snapper Photography is happy to supply a second photographer should you require one, not all weddings 'need' a second photographer but some people choose to pay the little extra for the follow benefits...




GROOM GETTING READ - More often than not it's difficult for myself to capture the groomsmen getting ready due to time or distance, not always, but having a second photographer makes this easy and therefore you both get to see each other's morning prior to the ceremony




DOWN THE AISLE SHOT - Most churches or Registrars these days don't like the main photographer moving around the room. Wherever possible I photograph from the front right during the ceremony, having a second photographer allows for that beautiful 'down the isle' shot, plus other angles of the ceremony.




MORE NATURAL SHOTS - I always photograph hundreds of natural moments from the big day, however whilst I'm in one place, I'm not in another. A second photographer never takes the main photography responsibility and therefore has more freedom to wander the venue and capture more memories, including people, groups, decorations  and wider landscape shots.




DIFFERENT ANGLES - One of the things I ask my second photographer to do is capture some of the things I'm photographing but from a different angle, the results are always great and 9/10 both images are sent in the final cut.




I am happy to direct a second photographer from my own experienced judgment or for a specific request or idea you have, it's a little extra money so why shouldn't you have a say in how things are planned!






FULL DAY - £250 (arrives with me, leaves with me - simple as that)


4 hours - £150 (use the time where you choose, or we can offer some ideas if you like)


2 hours - £100


1 hour - £75




Both the second photographers and my images are all fitted together I a the correct timeline prior to being uploaded to the memory stick and online gallery, the usual rules apply around full usage and sharing rights you haven as any other package (no copyright or watermarks, just total freedom over images)




For more information or to view examples of my second photographers work, please get in touch


Tel - 07814488911        Email - [email protected]